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Marie Nicole Mikhala

"We have started up our own company after doing two years of Healthcare at City College, the name is "Bolingo Care LTD."... It's not too late to start - you can start at any age."

Marie's Journey

I studied at City College; I got a Level 5 [in Healthcare Practice]. The course was in relationship with everything in the care sector. 

Before City College

Previously, I was working as a Support Worker in [the] hospital. I can say that I learnt a lot there, however there were lots of things I didn't know before coming to the college.

After City College

With some of my classmates, we managed to open our own care agency - going door-to-door to the client's houses, making sure that we can give appropriate care. By learning through City College, this gave us opportunity to know the law and learn more about the sector. It also gave us [an] opportunity as to how to open an agency which we can't do without a HND Level 5. By coming to City College, I have gained a lot of knowledge in the sector, I've understood legislation, rights and the implications of what we're doing. 

We have started up our own [care] company after completing two years of Healthcare Practice in College - the name of our agency is "Bolingo Care LTD". What I have gained from the College is knowledge - what you can gain from knowledge, you can open many doors. 

My new colleagues and I have worked in the NHS previously, so why not create something for yourself? You can transfer the knowledge you gain in the College to other people, like all of our staff: we can guide them by telling them all we learnt from the course (at the moment we have 5-6 staff!). We had our registration last year, with COVID it was a bit difficult - but we managed to do it. 

"Something you'd say to someone thinking about joining the course?"

It's not too late to start - you can start at any age. By gaining the knowledge, in return it grants you so many opportunities. You can implement anything in your place of work. It helped us a lot in getting the right procedure for our agency, the paperwork and everything else. 

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HNC (Level 4) & HND (Level 5) in Healthcare Practice (Integrated Health and Social Care) 

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