Inspiration Programme

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Get £200 PER PERSON you refer over to us!


Terms & Conditions

Applicants must write the name of the person who referred them to City College in the application form. This can not be amended at a later stage so please let anyone you refer know this! This offer applies from September 2023 intake onwards, and you can only claim if you have studied at City College currently, or in a previous intake.

To claim the £200, the student referred must meet the following criteria for two terms:

1. Have at least 75% attendance

2. Has submitted and passed all the unit assignments required

The referral fee will be paid once the qualifying criteria has been confirmed by the Academic Team.


You also have a chance of getting a FREE IPAD!

Terms & Conditions
Students are entitled to a FREE New or refurbished Ipad depending on availability after their first year of the course if they meet the following conditions:

  • Achieved 92% attendance.
  • Timely submission of ALL of their assignments.
  • First time PASS on ALL of their assignments.
  • Progress to second year of their course.

    This is to be given within the first term of their second year.
  • This offer is valid for any student who are in the classes on or before September 2021 intake.