Inspiration Programme
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Did you know you could get £50 PER FRIEND that you refer to us, to study at City College? So if you have FOUR friends to refer…



Terms & Conditions
1. Applicants must write the name of the person who referred them to City College in the application form. This can not be amended at a later stage so please let anyone you refer know this!

2. The student referred must meet the following criteria in both their first and second term:

A. Have at least 85% attendance

B. Has submitted and passed all the unit

assignments required.

3.Referral fee will be paid once qualifying criteria has been confirmed by the Academic Team.






You also have a chance of getting a FREE IPAD!


Terms & Conditions

Students are entitled to a FREE New or refurbished Ipad depending on availability after their first year of the course if they meet the following conditions:

  • Achieved 92% attendance.
  • Timely submission of ALL of their assignments.
  • First time PASS on ALL of their assignments.
  • Progress to second year of their course.

    This is to be given within the first term of their second year.