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Diciann Dabreo

"I thought Higher Education is not for me because of my age but the staff at City College worked with me and support me every step of the way."

Diciann's Journey

Before City College

Before doing the HNC & HND I worked in Health and Social Care for over 10 years going back and forth from one care job to another, working tirelessly and feelingunhappy with myself. When I went to City College to enquire about the course the staff and environment were so supportive and welcoming.

After City College

At first, I looked at my going into mental health nursing, but I realised they open a variety of options and choices for you and are highly recognised by the universities.This open doors and not limited me to what career paths I want to pursue. I'm currently at the University of Worcester studying occupational therapy.

What were the key takeaways from your learning experience?

I used to use my age to deny myself the opportunities but at City College it's a team effort, not just one individual.The staff are friendly, helpful and understanding in respect to individual circumstances, and they support us as individuals. The learning environments are calm, comfortable and make you feel inclusive and want to actively participate in your learning.The College offers all kinds of support available to you which empowers you to achieve your set goals.The staff work together with universities to ensure that you have a smooth transition to your chosen field of study.They support you with your application for student finance and so much more.

Any advice that they can give for those that are thinking of doing the HNC?

Do it, you have more to gain than regret. It make you more employable, open job opportunities, offer  professional and job satisfaction. Since completing the HND I worked as senior support and was offered nursing assistant. At the moment I have the luxury of choosing which job role best balance my personal and professional lifestyles which gives me peace of mind and are able to spend well needed quality time with my family.

HNC (Level 4) & HND (Level 5) in Healthcare Practice (Integrated Health and Social Care)

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